Thursday, 28 July 2011

So What Next…

       After what I had experienced as a teen while reading science fiction and fantasy and what I had witnessed with my female science students as a teacher I thought it was time I did something to make a change. I decided to sit down and write.
         The ideas were in there, albeit jumbled up at the time. It took painstaking hours and many late nights at the computer, since I thought I would forget what I had in mind to write, I had to ‘get it out’ somehow. It was out of these incredibly therapeutic writing sessions that my ideas blossomed into what would become the Strange Days series or what I affectionately call the Lizzy Books. A part fantasy, part science fiction series of novels with a strong female lead character, and other strong female minor roles that would make Lizzy’s world surprisingly well rounded and feminine but strong.
         I remember sitting at my computer one night thinking that ‘this is all just a strange dream and these ideas will never go anywhere’, but my homunculus, that little voice inside me told me to keep going, to push onward, that what I was doing would make a difference, if not now then someday when the time was right.
         I close with this thought. I have learned over the years to trust that ‘inner voice’, it has helped me on so many occasions and is the reason why I am sitting here typing my thoughts down at 3am in the morning when I thought for the umpteenth time that I would quit the writing, yes stop and put it aside. To you Bear, and any other aspiring writers out there, trust your inner voice, don’t give up, and don’t forget to read. Hey, who knows you might decide to pick up one of my books sometime.

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