Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where to begin?

Part of me wants to start writing about the stories I wrote as a child and how they ultimately ended up as secrets in the garbage can. If you want to read more of these details and others I will have them on my website www.kimwelsman.ca.

But my real love for writing came out of my passion for reading. As a teen I had a learning disability that few people knew about. I would read and reread passages because my eyes and brain wanted to skip halfway down the page. It was a task that left me feeling less than adequate when I would find others in class, my family or my friends reading the same passages and be well ahead of me in much shorter periods of time.

I soon discovered short stories and better yet science fiction short stories! I loved science and nature as a kid. I was delighted to read about far off realms in fantastical lands, the stuff of which fantasy and science fiction are made. I knew I had found my reading home and was spellbound to the point that my eyes stayed right where they were supposed to be!

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