Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Freewrites and Thunderstorms

         Today I hope you bear with me. I wanted to do a freewrite exercise. Oh, and by the way, sorry this is late, I was dealing with thunderstorm warnings late last evening and decided that an intact computer (albeit shaken, but not fried) was better and my post would have to wait until today.
         My writing experiences have been so varied and my writing style has changed since I first started writing my Lizzy books. I have written and re-written Lizzy since she first came to life back in 2001. As a novelist I guess I was afraid to give my baby wings. Now it is her time to move out into the world and hopefully empower some young girl to live a more authentic life and be true to herself and live strong in the notion of what it means to be a girl.
         I’ve thought about Lizzy quite a bit these last few days. I am taking a writing course. I wanted to bring out my descriptive writer side more. I love to write poetry and want to be able to bring that into my writing and strike a balance to bring more imagery to my prose, but like I said it seems to be a balancing act, to writer prose that will flow and not disgruntle the reader, especially if I want Lizzy to make it out there in the big wide world. I want those young girls to be empowered not put my novel down .
         Anyway back to the reason why I’ve been thinking so much about Lizzy. My inspiration for the opening of my first novel in the series came when I was walking back to my car after a long day of walking around the boardwalk of the town where I live. My friend and I did an all day shop and then it was time to drive home. I was parked by the Gardens and as I walked by it struck me that this place could be such a magical place at night. What wonders could go on here? I took a shapshot in my mind’s eye, dropped my friend off, then when straight home and began to write. It was a wonderful experience and the Gardens have been an inspiration for me ever since. So, after this experience I would advise anyone wanting to write more to try and find a magical place, a third place for them to live in and get comfortable when they write. You don’t have to go to this place to get your inspiration. I live too far away from the Gardens to visit on a regular basis, but I keep them close, in my mind’s eye to sit with the image whenever possible and then I just write!
PS - This is a free write so please forgive me if I have a type-o here and there. 

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