Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I Hate to Write About Bad Weather Days!

I didn’t get a chance to write my regular Tuesday post yesterday and won’t be free on Friday so I thought I pick today to post some thoughts.

Bad weather days are like fair weather friends they come and go thank goodness! My husband and I are in the middle of buying a home and moving to another part of the province. It’s a trying time and one that I really wish was over soon, but patience can bring with it the most enjoyable fruits, so patient I shall be. Today did not start out as a very good day on the house-hunting front and I was so frustrated because I got no writing done. But bearing in mind my patience needed to be with me from the time I got up this morning, yes it was a bad weather day that early, I was able to persevere later on today and my husband and I may have hit gold! We shall see. Because of this fortuitous event I can now get back to my passion – writing, tomorrow. Thank god my bad weather day is almost at an end and I can come out of it with some patience of mind!
         All the best to you writers come house-hunters. I know it sucks, but all the bad weather days will turn into productive patience creators if you can wait out the craziness.

PS. I hope you stick around to here more of my house-hunting musings for the writer at heart next week.

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