Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Inner Places Need Inner Exploration & Outer Connection

So I found that special spark...that place in my imagination that held new ideas emboldened by my magical walk back to my car past the park in the pale moonlight that fate filled night when Lizzy was born.

I would soon find that I needed to keep my creative juices flowing to my inner place, the one I imagined in my minds eye, by finding an outer real world inspirational place to go to every once in a while. Occasionally I went to the Public Gardens and imagined Lizzy there with Fred having deep and meaningful conversations about life, as we know it and saving the world! 

But fortune is not always as kind as we would like or anticipate, so we, adaptable humans that we are, find new avenues to help encourage growth and inspire us forward on our journey. I was fortunate enough to find new inspirational places when I couldn't get to the park. I was able to go for long walk on nature trails close to me home and transport myself back to that first night or other magical moments I stole while in the gardens.

I hope this kind of inspiration will work for other budding creative writing artists out there. If you find it doesn't work at first, give it some time and allow yourself to grow into it!

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