Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Routines Aren't Always a Bad Thing

I know I keep shifting back and forth from my writing chronology to the here and now, but it's just like flashback writing it's it? I hope you'll appreciate and find some merit in my flashback style.

I'm beginning to like these free writes. I can see their purpose; my creativity seems to flow from them. I think the key for me is allowing myself to let the writing come, not to force it. I get a spark, an idea or a phrase and then I sit with it for a little while, maybe an hour or even a day, but then the writing just flows. I am getting in the habit of trusting my instincts and myself. I think it's working. In the beginning it took practice and work, but wow the payoffs are tremendous!

I would recommend a free write to anyone who wants to get the creative juices flowing, a cliché I know but it seems to work! Like most I was hesitant and skeptical at first, but now it seems so natural. I also have to say that even though I don't use all of my free write material in my short stories and novels, it has merit in the energy and flow that it creates. Writers need to write and the enemy of writers block can be freed by this kind of writing. 

Cheers, now it's time for bed!

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