Friday, 5 August 2011

An Off Day

          Hello to Bear and anyone else out there in blog land. It's an off day for me. You know, its the kind of day where you realize near the end that you may have been better served had you stayed in bed all day. Well, today is shaping up to have just that kind of blah day quality. I guess every writer has one of these kinds of days.
         I like to be as positive as possible, but today I got none of my writing to dos done and it was a HUGE frustration for me. I feel so very unorganized and unproductive. 
         Now, with that said, this is a short post and hopefully things will get better come next Tuesday. For those budding writers out there like me, remember this. You always have down days, but never forget to keep writing!
PS – now that I’ve actually written something today I may go do some reading and even if the stars are in their most opportune alignment, go and submit a short story. Cheers. Kim

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