Friday, 19 August 2011

Picking up Where I Left Off

Today I want to go back to my Lizzy books and the ideas that inspired me to move my writing to another level.  I remember I revised and revised my books until I felt I couldn’t revise any more. Then I put them away (it’s now a two part novel) and had to work on other projects for a period of time.

I was away from Lizzy for about a year or so. I had taken a writing course during that time, read some books and went through two moves. I was diagnosed with asthma and environmental illness late in life and going through a terrible time with my boss, but that’s another story. By the time it was all done I had gone through a kind of metamorphosis and I think my writing was stronger from the changes that life had presented me.

That growth period afforded me with new experiences that enabled my writing to become richer and more dynamic. I also realized that I shouldn’t shun but embrace my poetic side and let that part of me become a feature to enrich my writing. I now feel that my writing is less forced and more natural now that I am able to accentuate my strengths not neglect them.

While I'd love to write more I have a cold today and colds are never good for asthmatics, so it’s time for me to say goodbye. I’ll continue my thoughts on Tuesday. A great weekend to all of you out in blogland!

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