Tuesday, 6 September 2011

House Hunting and Writing - Never Should the Twain Meet

My husband and I have been looking for a new home for several months now, it is starting to become a writing hindrance and something that is very frustrating.

I know that many writers, including myself, have many projects on the go and have a desk that can look 'busy' or 'creative'. Well right now mine looks like several filing boxes exploded onto my desktop. There amid site plans, rejected offers (from homes that are overpriced or not quite asthma friendly) and schedules x, y and z is my writing. It's keeps calling to me through the house-hunting din and I keep doing my best to answer that call.

I've tried to have an action plan throughout this process, albeit a messy one and some of if so far has come to fruition, so action plans, while not so creative are not bad things. I was able to send out a novella to an editor as well as a novel, both slated to be edited by Jan of 2012. That is not a bad thing!

Well sleep and duty calls so I'm off to bed and then I hit the ground running for another day on the hunt for a new home tomorrow. Best.... Kim

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