Thursday, 11 October 2012

Getting my novels out there!

Today was a great day.

I got so much done on my new novel The Deep - Stirrings. It's the prequel to The Deeps - Awakenings. I want to publish both of them (and the other to come out in the spring of 2013 if all goes well) on Kindle. We'll see how that goes...

I finally got to my To Do list and emailed an editor whose been doing some work on my short stories. I like her work. She has a background in YA lit, so I thought she would be a good editorial choice to work on The Deeps trilogy.

As luck would have it she's having a contest! It's a free Edit giveaway! Here's her address if you're interested:

Well, I've entered. I also donated to a program called C4H in the US where animals from shelters get matched with Veterans with PTSD. It sounds like a great program. I donated in my step father's name. He used to be a bomber pilot in the RCAF during WW2. My husband was happy that I did.

Well that's it for now. Got to get back to writing. 30 chapters by the end of the months. Phew! Its hard work but definitely a dream come true!

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