Friday, 22 February 2013

It's All about Numbers...Or is it?

I've had my new novel in the Kindle store for a week now. Click on the image to go to amazon. You can purchase a copy for 99 cents.

My target was to have one sale a day and I've met my target! Thank you so much to those people who bought my book.

I know that 7 sales in one week doesn't sound like much, but when your dealing with over 200,000 books in the Kindle store, 7 sales isn't so bad.

One other piece of important information that you may have heard elsewhere, but I'd like to share with you is this, if you are a writer the first thing you need to do is write! Try not to get caught up in the number of sales or stats. It your numbers are consistent then things are not that bad. My husband likes to say 'the trend is your friend.' I think there may be some wisdom in that; besides if I'm writing and not obsessing over my numbers then I am that much closer to getting my next paying novel out the door.

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