Sunday, 23 June 2013

Busy, Busy—Did I say BUSY!

This week I’ve been busy with editors (for Gone Home), beta readers (for Going Back), hospitals, Doctors (for health issues), and formatting (for Gone Home). I can’t believe where the time went. It seems like yesterday when I was drafting the concepts for this novella and now it’s finally in print! Yes, Gone Home, Book 2 in the Alien Encounters Series is finally ready on Kindle and it, like Going Home is only 99 cents! Okay, so that’s the first busy.

Only 99 cents!

I wanted to give you a sneek peek so here’s the synopsis:

            In Gone Home, the second installment in the Alien Encounters Series, Peggy goes back to her home world, Sylax. We learn of Peggy’s life before her Earth mission. She has a loving Mother, her CK-1 creator, who loves her like a daughter, even for her PSI abilities. Mother wants Peggy to be a part of the mighty Docan forest of Sylax’s past, but also wants Peggy to move on and accept her greater destiny. Will Peggy accept her destiny as a CK-1 child and move to a life beyond the Docan?
When Peggy arrives on Sylax she is met with disappointment, and disapproval of her failed mission, but was it?
            Sylaxian Council Member Sygen confronts Peggy with his concern, and fears that Mitch Christie’s destructive nature could mean yet another dangerous member on the Council should Earth be invited to join. The Queen and her second in command, QET Jenkins, want Peggy to return to Earth. Will Peggy use her prowess to convince Sygen and the Council to welcome Earth so she can go back?

The second busy task has been my other novel, which I have been picking away at. Last weekend I went through edit after edit on an editing device I stumbled upon called Editminion you can work on passive voice, clichés, adverbs, and more with this clever device, still it is in a beta version. I went through 32 of the 44 chapters of my Lizzy novel. That’s my pet name for my baby, which I have been working on for some time now. It’s a new adult fiction piece with a female protagonist, Lizzy, who is far more special than she realizes. It’s called Strange Days on Earth at the moment and I hope to send it out to an agent sometime this summer once it has been beta read and polished by my editor.

My third busy task takes me right back to Gone Home and formatting! I think I recently encountered the term authorpreneur used to describe us indie self-published writers. If I want my novella to look good on Amazon I have to make sure it’s formatted properly. When I formatted Going Home I got a terrible underlining problem on my ‘look inside’ feature that it took Amazon over a month to get back to me on. I was terribly disappointed, in fact mortified! It was a terrible calling card for my book and quite offputting. I wondered what person would want to buy a self-published ebook with all this underlining. I think it may have effected sales and mentioned this to the Amazon staff, all fell on deaf ears until I went up the chain of command so to speak, what a nightmare! So I have Amazon’s formatting guide and should avoid all of these problems before I upload my ebook. With formatting and some advanced marketing research done the book is ready for you to read. It’s only 99 cents you can find it here or click on the book cover above.

All of this was done during a sinus infected haze. I hope I don't look back on it next week with disdain, well I guess it's my writer's path, we all take one.

Thanks so much for coming by and getting involved in my writer's path. I hope to see you again next Sunday! 

You can find me through the week at or on twitter @kimwelsman. I have a cool new trailer on my website, hope you have time to check it out.

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