Sunday, 28 July 2013

Every Writer Needs a Good Chair!

As a writer I spend up to twelve hours or more a day in my office pounding away at my keyboard to make up my stories. I have a home office, which I'll take a picture of and post, as exciting as that is, sometime soon. I have a nice setup and as an artist will feature some of my artwork on the walls....but I digress from my title.

In my office I have a fantastic chair, in fact, I believe it to be the cadillac of all chairs. If you are new to my blog, then you don't know I'm disabled. I have asthma and environmental illness. I need a well constructed ergonomically sound chair to be able to sit and create for long hours. The other chair I had in my office was far from adequate and I would be sort for long periods of time from this awful chair.

The people who made my chair let it off gas in their shop for about a month and I would like to thank Joan at Chairs Limited for treating me so well. Then when my hubbie and I brought the chair home we had to let it off gas for another month. I've had my chair in my office for about another month, and I still detect scent, but I have a very sensitive nose; even with all of this I love my chair. I know not everyone can afford the cadillac of chairs, however a new chair or a better used chair may work for you. Since I've started using my new chair I have become a more productive writer. A good chair, a good ergonomic setup, and a good computer. A writer's dream workshop!

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