Sunday, 7 July 2013

I Didn't Know Writing Could be this Complicated or Busy

It's been a writing week for sure. Along with being a writer I'm also a student.

I'm working on a thesis in feminist theory, and autoethnography. It's creative non-fiction, writing about what it's like to be disabled, a woman, and my relationship with nature. Doesn't sound so hard, well, I'm here to surprise you, it is! The type of writing I do opens me up, leaves me exposed, like I wear my world on my sleeve for the reader to witness so they can go through the emotions I feel, my pain, sadness, fear, terrror, frustration. These are all things we want to convey to the reader as a good writer, however we can write about such emotions, while hiding behind the characters we create, and no one really needs to know if it was your story or not until you are willing to put it out there.

With autoethnographic thesis work you put yourself out there from the very start. So, that is to say, I'm putting myself out there with some pretty big and at times overwhelming strings attached. The emotions I experience due to my disability can get magnified and most certainly get re-lived, and not always for the better, but I think I've become a better, more self aware person through this process. However, I'm left drained and it becomes more difficult to get back into my own work.

On the writing front I've also been busy, but have been putting off my Alien Encounters Series, just a bit. You see I have a project, a long standing project I've been picking away at, much like my thesis. The novel is called Strange Days on Earth and is opening novel in the Strange Days Series. Strange Days on Earth is a science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, new adult series, where the reader will go on a journey with Lizzy from her last year in high school to new adventures through her early twenties and beyond. Lizzy started it all for me. I began her story many years ago when I started writing again as an adult. Getting my manuscript ready for an editor for the second time has left me feeling vulnerable. Part of me is scared as hell, the last time I sent it I got rejected. Sure I know, so many people get rejected, it's a part of writing and you have to grow thick skin, so to speak; but the upside is, along with my rejection notice from the editor of a well known science fiction publisher, yes the editor, not the assistant editor or the assistant's assistant, I got a note and forms to go to a prestigious workshop. I was a single mom at the time and the workshop was about 5000 km away so I couldn't have afforded it. This editor was so considerate as to include a grant application. At that time the inner skeptic in me was in full bloom. I thought it was some sort of come on to get some money out of me I didn't have, since I was between jobs. I didn't find out what an opportunity I'd passed up until years later. Now here I am again, scared as hell. Maybe this time I won't get rejected, but I do know one thing, this time I won't pass up any more opportunities.

Have a great week!

You can find me through the week at or on twitter @kimwelsman. I have a cool new trailer on my website and hope you have time to check it out.


  1. That thesis sounds difficult to write! I had to write a "creative essay" as part of my MFA degree, and it was supposed to combine personal reflection and literary analysis; it was very challenging, and I'm glad it's behind me, whew. But the process was worth it.

    Good luck with submitting Strange Days on Earth. It is always nerve-wracking to send one's work out into the world. With a sci-fi series, I could also imagine it doing well on Kindle if you should choose to self-publish it, but I'm sure you've already thought of that. :)

  2. Thanks so much Mandy for taking the time to comment on my post.

    Yes this thesis is daunting at times. I find it's not like my undergraduate degree where I worked more with numbers and figures, and did far more intellectualizing. With my thesis my emotions get churned up and then I have to pull back for a time to give my symptoms a chance to dissipate, lessen into more calm....

    I also want to thank you on your kind words about my writing. I'm enjoying the writing process with the Alien Encounters Series. I'm working on book 4 right now and have two co-leads. I have the bones of the book worked out to include two points of view; one more or less for each chapter. I think it's going to be interesting...

    1. As a poet, I'm endlessly impressed with the scope of your writing and how you envision a project as a series of books. I'm lucky to write a sequence of 12 lines that come together the right way to form a poem! ;)