Monday, 28 October 2013

From Small Seeds Great Ideas Can Flouish

Every once in a while I like to stretch my creative writing muscles in a different way. I love to write novels; I think I have something good and interesting to say. However change can be a positive force, and so once in a while I like to turn a nugget of an ideas into a short story.

There's nothing more satisfying than reading a short piece of fiction, and reaching the end with a satisfying conclusion; being moved in some way that brings you to a higher purpose, if only for a moment. These are the kinds of gifts short stories can bring to a reader.

I was a was a very slow reader as a child. It took me forever to get through a novel, while others like my sister whizzed through in a matter of days. My sister loved to read Stephen King, and I, being a slow reader wasn't about to tackle a book like "The Stand"; I'd have to wait until I was in my early twenties to do that. I think most younger siblings want to be doing what their older brothers or sister are doing. So one Stephen King book did catch my twelve-year-old eye: "Different Seasons". I plucked it from the shelf and realized it was actually a series of short stores. I "could read these in an afternoon or a day" and feel like I'd accomplished something; it was a joyous moment.

I sat down to read and loved the sophistocated interwoven themes of the Four Seasons, its title's namesake. Reading short stories opened up a whole new world for me and I went on to read the Foundation Series, the Lord of the Rings and more. Me, the kid who read slower than most, even went on to become a voracious reader and surpassed my sister at devouring novels.

Every once in a while I turn my nuggets into short stories, and send my babies out into the universe in that form. It's my way of paying homage to the short story tradition and to those slow readers out there who may just be budding voracious readers in disguise.

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