Monday, 14 October 2013

Never Say Never...

You'd think by now, I'd have learned...but I guess I haven't. No sooner had I written down in last week's post that I would finish the Alien Encounters Series at 6 books (and it seemed like a logical place to finish the story arc), then the realization came to me that the story arc wasn't complete: I needed to include at least one if not two more installments in the series.

In the beginning I wanted to end the series on Earth which would have been books 5. Then I wanted to end it on Sylax book 6, but when I decided to included both Lyrissa's and Peggy's points of view as an experiment in book 4 - Back Home (see cover below), I knew the story wasn't finished and several more plot points needed to be revealed before wrapping up the series.

So have I finally learned? I'd like to say yes, but in this case I see the need for more story and more plot to bring the series to a final conclusion without cheating the reader, so the Alien Encounters will continue, as least for now....

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