Monday, 11 November 2013

It's Never too Late for a Novel Change & a Little Remebrance

In the past few months I've been busy revising the first novel in my Alien Encounters Series. I never was entirely happy with the way the first ebook in the serial turned out, but I left it as it was and waited…What was I waiting for, you may wonder? I was waiting for the right time and the right editor. Well, the right editor came along last spring and she helped me out with other projects. Not long after I became busy with thesis writing and then working out the rest of the Alien Encounters Series. So, when the right time did show up I had everything in order, so to speak.

The next roadblock came when my new editor asked me to cut! Augh, she wanted me to cut out one-quarter of the book and replace it. Wow—was I ever anxious. Cutting 6,000 words is a tall order, so I sat on the idea for at least two weeks while I worked on other projects and my thesis. I had no idea how I was going to approach my quandary, so I waited and sat, then inspiration hit me with an unexpected wallop at the end of the first week. It's was almost cathartic, I couldn't stop myself, I knew my editor was right and I had to cut for the sake of my readers, and for the sake of the story: it was inevitable.

So I did it, I cut out all 6,000 words and replaced them with double that amount. When I was done pounding away at the keyboard, I was rather pleased with my result and knew I had done the right thing. You want to know why? My biggest critic: that small voice in my head, you know the one…It's the one all writers have, the one that says this isn't done until "I know I didn't cheat the reader", and I didn't cheat myself.

It took Going Home six more months from when I first published back in February to get it to where I wanted it in November, but now I think I may just be content enough to finish what I started.

I kept my story short so you would continue to read to the bottom, and remember...

You can find Going Home for free today on Kindle:

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And now for a little remembrance:

You are getting your free copy today courtesy of my father-in-law. While I never met him, I heard he was a wonderful and giving person. If he's anything like my husband, he must have been. So, here's to you Jim Lewington, WWII bomber pilot, recipient of two DFCs, former group captain, and all around great guy who gave me my husband (with help from Sylvia). Thanks for giving, so we could have our freedom—I think Lyrissa would have liked you very much.

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